made in usa dog waste bags


ALL our Bags and Liners are manufactured in the Sunshine State of Florida using ALL American materials.

Naturally, being American made our products have a much higher quality than what our competitors offer.

This also helps bringing back jobs that have been shipped abroad for decades. We do not deal with middlemen or tariffs, passing savings down to you - the customer.

  • Home Owners Associations

    Home owners take pride in maintaining their property and community. We share their commitment to preservation and love working with HOA managers to best serve their pet waste needs.

  • Dog Parks

    Managing pet waste at dog parks can be a daunting task especially considering the volume of pets and pet-lovers that visit the parks. That's why dog waste products are manufactured to a commercial grade that will stand the test of time.

  • Apartment Buildings

    Apartment building managers have to serve a multitude of units and that can be a tricky job. We make that job easier by taking care of all your pet waste needs. Pet waste bags and liners can be automatically shipped to you the moment your stocks run low. 

  • Hotels and Resorts

    Guests expect the best experience for themselves and their pets. Which is why maintaining the beauty of the premises is essential  Our Pet-waste bags and Pet Waste Stations are simply the best quality and value, serving the needs of both the guests and the manager.
    Custom branding offered.

  • Municipalities¬†

    Maintaining budgets is critical to local municipalities and governments. K9 Bags and Liners provide the best value and our Pet-Stations are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time.

  • City Parks

    City Parks see a lot of traffic and use. It is not uncommon to see parks with ruined cans and waste stations. This is because they were made from thin and cheap aluminum and not designed to last. Our K9 Dog Waste Stations are made from steel and weather protected. Its no surprise that they last for years and look like new.

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