UNMATCHED Customer Service

The K9 team is dedicated to providing the best customer service. Period.

With other companies your emails get ignored and your phone calls remain unanswered, or worse, sent to a robot.

K9’s professional Customer-Relations team there is always someone there to respond to your emails ASAP and when you call us you hear the voice of a human and not some automated script. Now, you can even message us through the website and receive support faster than ever before. 

K9 believes in building long term relationships with our customers. They know us on a first name basis. To place orders our customers only have to email us and we take care of the rest. We even know when our customers are running low on supplies and go ahead and remind them of that. We even have such a close relationship with some of our customers that we go ahead and automatically ship their orders periodically.

We know managing a property is hard and we believe in making our customers’ lives easier by giving them one less thing to worry about .

When you’re part of the K9 family, consider your pet-waste needs sorted. We’ll take care of everything. 

Orlando, FL

HOA Treasurer

Affordable and high-quality. K9 Poop Bags are the best choice for our HOA.

Miami, FL

Park Services Director

Managing pet waste efficiently is crucial for us. K9 Poop Bags offers an unbeatable combination of price and quality. Their strong bags and reliable stations have made maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

Raleigh, NC

Community Coordinator

We chose K9 Poop Bags for our community dog park, and the savings have been incredible. Comparable products were nearly twice as expensive, and K9's quality is superior. It's a win-win for our budget and our park-goers.

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  • Campground Manager, Ocala, FL

    "Great prices, fantastic quality. Residents are happy, so am I!"

  • Park Services Director, Miami, FL

    "K9 Poop Bags offers an unbeatable combination of price and quality."

  • Park Director, Atlanta, GA

    "K9 Poop Bags have been a revelation for our public parks."

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  • Facilities Manager, Gated Community, San Diego, CA

    "Choosing K9 Poop Bags was a smart financial decision without compromising on quality."

  • Apartment Manager, Chicago, IL

    "K9 Poop Bags are a hit with our residents; strong, affordable, and exactly what our complex needed."

  • Building Superintendent, Boston, MA

    "K9 Poop Bags deliver on their promise—strong, affordable, and resident-approved."

  • Condo Association Head, Philadelphia, PA

    "Our condo residents love the reliability and cost-effectiveness of K9 Poop Bags."

  • Property Manager, Austin, TX

    "Residents praise the strength of K9 Poop Bags, and I appreciate their cost-efficiency"

  • HOA President, Atlanta, GA

    "Switching to K9 Poop Bags significantly improved our community's cleanliness at an unbeatable price."

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